Qiro Protocol Smart Contracts

Qiro Protocol is a set of smart contracts that enables RWA backed lending on-chain. Different lending use-case can be built on top of Qiro Protocol. Following smart contract modules are being built in Qiro Protocol.

Asset Tokenization & Securitization : This module focuses on capturing the asset originator's assets using NFTs implementing standard schemas when it comes to loans, invoices, receivables, commodities etc. Also, enabling pooling of assets i.e securitization on-chain.

Tranching Pools : This module focuses on tranching pools which enables a lending pool to be divided into different risk/rewards tranches namely junior, senior & mezzanine. lenders and borrowers interact with these pools to deposit/withdraw funds.

NAV & Interest Accounting: This module focuses on net asset valuation for asset originator's assets, interest accrual & other accounting functions related to lending pools.

Risk Management: This module focuses on credit risk evaluation and monitoring to enable active risk management. Governance: This module focuses on governance of Qiro protocol enabling distributed decision making for the protocol functionality. Whitelisting: This module focuses on whitelisting (KYC/AML) aspect enabling controlled access to products built on Qiro lending protocol.

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